Beef Burger Barrel Closing

It's been in Amarillo about 70 years, it's been a part of people's lives and will always be remembered for its unique look and great food, The Beef Burger Barrel.  But after all these years The Barrel is closing.

Newschannel 10 spoke with Stanton Bray, a man who has been working at Beef Burger for 27 years.  He says he is sad to see it close.  Bray say he knows most of the customers and says they are more like close friends than customers.  He says this historic land mark has brought many great times and good memories to generations of people in Amarillo, the surrounding area, and people all over the country who travel to the city just to see and eat at the Barrel.  Bray says Beef Burger has been in over 20 magazines across the U.S. and the world.  He tells us one thing that makes their burgers so great is the fact that everything is made fresh to order and if you would like to order one you only have a few more days.  It will close February 3rd.  Newschannel ten also spoke with a long time Beef Barrel customer, Millie Bingham, who has been eating at the Barrel since she was in high school.  She says it is a special place, a part of our history and it breaks her heart to hear that it is closing.  The owner says he does not want to close but can not afford to stay open. Most of their equipment is old and would cost thousands of dollars to replace. They also are struggling with rising food costs. He tells us if they could find any way to stay open they would.