Wicked Weather Takes a Toll on City Budget

All our recent wet weather has dried up some of the city of Amarillo's budget used to prep and treat our roads.

NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin found what the city plans on doing to make sure we aren't left in a slippery situation, now that those funds have been soaked up.

$100,000 is now gone.

But we are told, right now, there's no reason to worry.

"At this point we have spent all that money that we have set aside for that," says Michael Rice, Director of Public Works.

Out of dough!!

Wicked weather taking a toll on some of the City of Amarillo's budget.

"I didn't know they were out of money," says Joe Sisneros, a driver.

$100,000 shoveled out to buy chemical de-icer, salt and sand is now dried up...

But, not that's not the same for those products.

"We do have materials on hand we're in good shape as of today. If we do have additional events, additional snowstorms or ice storms we'll use that and if we deplete that we'll buy some more," says Rice.

And we're told they'll have to dip into the $800,000 set aside for hot mix, a product used to fix potholes, to do that.

"We'll just reallocate those funds from one product to another product ... it's a balancing act is what it is," says Rice.

Balancing and shuffling money around to make sure we're not left without...

When old man winter strikes.

"I appreciate it a lot because it can save a lot of lives," says Erica Smith, an Amarillo mother.

"We don't worry about it but we do prepare," says Rice.