Stolen Goods on ebay

ebay users beware!

So many of the items sold on the popular website are stolen that law enforcement investigates the site daily.

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg visited local pawn shops to get their take on  the issue... 

It isn't easy to sift through the 6 million items added on ebay everyday to find those that are stolen. So buyers have to do what they can to steer clear of stolen gear. 

Pawn shop manager Chris Berry surfs ebay everyday to help set prices at Amarillo's Pawn and Gun shop...
   Although he's never had a problem with stolen goods, he doesn't let his guard down.
"If we're going to put it in the store we buy it and make sure it's new because there is risk involved, you don't know where it came from or the history."

Stolen sales are so popular, law enforcement is starting to recover stolen property online and find the perpetrators.

So police are catching up with creative crooks. But Berry says that will only make the criminals more creative, "There are loopholes in every system and as long as there's a loophole someone will exploit it. Everything's evolving, smart criminals make smarter police enforcement."

One thing you should keep in mind when shopping online auctions... If you happen to buy stolen items on ebay and police find out, you could lose the items, and the money you spent on it.