Hand Therapy

The Northwest Texas Hospital is helping patients get back their life... with some basic things we take for granted... like opening a car door or turning a knob.

Newschannel ten's Noelle Gardner tells us how therapists are treating people with disabilities.

Hand therapists are lending a helping hand at the Northwest Texas Hospital.

It's about helping patients regain maximum use of their hands after an injury, surgery or the onset of a disease.

Patient, Alisa Craddock was injured in a car accident has regained strength in her hand.

She says the team at north west texas hospital has made all the difference, "what's nice at north west they were part of the process too ...they started me as soon as I woke up from a comma."

Hand rehab improves flexibility, strength and coordination to allow a person to return to his or her occupation.

Certified Hand Therapist, Angie Bressler says "your hands are your everyday function- how you go about your everyday life."

Patient, Alisa Craddock adds, "I couldn't bend any of my fingers bend more than that....I'm getting there"

Thera-puddy is one of the techniques Angie uses with her patients. It helps hand mobility and hand strength.

Angie says the recovery time is not the same for everyone, "sometimes it's just a few visits- but everybody heals at a different rate.

The Northwest Texas Hand clinic specializes in shoulders, elbows wrists and hands.

Including anything from carpool tunnel syndrome and arthritis to post surgical patients.

I've got to hand it to them...

Patients are regaining flexibility, strength and range-of-motion in their hands.