Teens face Dangerous Distractions

There's a long list of hazards drivers face everyday, but a new study says the distractions teenagers face inside their vehicles can be just as dangerous as what happens outside. 

Kayla DeJesus was involved in an accident where the other driver turned to talk to passengers and lost control of the car. She says it has taught her a lesson.  "You need to pay a lot of attention to what you're doing because if not you'll make a lot of mistakes."

This type of an accident isn't all that uncommon with teenagers. More than five thousand teens were recently surveyed about what their friends do as they drive.

Less than 40% of them say their peers engage in drugs or drinking before getting behind the wheel. Many others say other habits are more common among their friends, like David Bell, an eighteen year old driver from Amarillo. "I think cd players are a big distraction. I think cell phones are a big distraction I don't like to talk on a cell phone while I'm driving".

Jared Woodruff agrees. "Having your friends with you could be a distraction. I mean me and my friends are very rambunctious."

These behaviors are a concern to some parents who can't always be with their kids in the car, like Kayla's dad who hopes she will make the right decisions. "She just doesn't realize its not always in her control even if she is being careful, so I prefer she err on the side of caution.

The survey was done by The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm Insurance.

They found 94% of teens surveyed saw passengers causing those distractions to teens out on the road every day.