Potholes Causing Drivers Problems

You're driving along and before you know it, you've hit a pothole, and then another. With all the recent moisture, there are more and more showing up all around Amarillo.

NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente found out how drivers are coping with all the holes in the road. 

It seems like almost every corner you turn in Amarillo, you run over a potholes and drivers are feeling the pain.  "I know my car has to get a new alignment because of it and with all the water in it, you can't tell how deep they are, if they are even there," says Billie Ramirez, who has driven over many potholes.

"We've had to replace the front tire on the right side because of the potholes," says Shawn Coke, who is upset with all the potholes.

The city has a list of all the potholes that needed fixing today, but one truck has broke down so there was only crew able to work.

One hole was not even put on the list, but because it is so big, they had to get to it before it got worse.

"How would you rate how bad the potholes are on scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst?," I asked drivers. "After the storm we've had the last few weeks, probably an 8."

It will take awhile before all the holes are fixed.

Each night when the water in the cracks of pavement freezes, it expands the potholes making them bigger and the City of Amarillo must clean up after the winter storm first before getting to some of the problem areas.

So until then, drivers need to keep an eye out for the holes in the road. "You have to drive carefully and sometimes you miss them, sometimes you hit them," says Jack Anderson, who is being patient with the potholes.

"Well you have to be patient, you have to be patient, I mean there's not much they can do, they're working on it," says Katie Doty, who understands it will take awhile to fix the holes.