Water Mains Bust All Over Amarillo

No running water...
   That's what many people had to deal with at work today after several water mains busted in Amarillo. 
  NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg has more on how people made it through the dry day. 

   70 water main busts have riddled the Amarillo water system since the first of the year.
   That's huge compared to last year when the city only had 14 breaks in January.
   Seven happened today alone - leaving many people no choice but to cope.
"Nothing... There's no water."
   We caught Sue Grant at United Plumbing after nearly 6 hours without water, and all she could so was laugh about it. 
"The ultimate irony is that we know what our customers are going through now with busted pipes and no water," says Grant. 
United Plumbing wasn't the only business affected by the water main break, just about every business down 45th street was without water today.     
"Initial reaction was uh-oh, we going to be out a day or two, I hear mains have been going out so I wasn't sure what was going to happen," says Victor Cuellar.
  Te city estimates water should be flowing again before midnight.
 "This particular bust could take 4-5 more hours to complete," says Floyd Hartman with the Water and Wastewater Office.
   But there is no guarantee.
"So hopefully it will be back on in the morning," says Grant.
 One thing is for sure, thousands of gallons of water is wasted along city streets.
 "On a typical break we lose 5,000 to 10,000 gallons, thats an estimation though since we don't have meters on it. On 45th we could lose up to 100,000 gallons," says Hartman.
 Hartman adds the cold weather coupled with aged pipes have led to the overwhelming number of busts in the last 24 days.