Thornberry Votes Against Cutting Interest on Student Loans

Mac Thornberry, U.S. Representative, 13th District
Mac Thornberry, U.S. Representative, 13th District

Cutting interest in half for student loans, it's a bill that has been passed by U.S. House Representatives, but our local representative voted against it.

For many students, any extra help receiving a college degree is appreciated.

So when some heard Congressman Mac Thornberry decided against a bill that would cut their interest rates on loans from 6.8 to 3.4 percent, questions arose. 

"I guess our representative doesn't have a feel for what college students need at this moment and this if he's looking to get young people's vote which I think is crucial to his political career, get all young people voting is stand up for us, listen to what we need, try to get it,"says W.T.A.&M. University student Denise Jackson.

But Thornberry says this bill will not help students like they think it will. "It only applies to interest rates people pay after they graduate, in other words it does not add to the number of people who are eligible for loans it does not increase the amount people borrow, none of the things that help more people go to college or help people afford college are in that bill and those are the things we ought to look at,"says Thornberry.

But for those who rely on loans for higher education, they say any kind of help is needed. "Every little bit matters, it's whether I graduate a semester or two earlier or later," says WT student Betty Brown.

This bill now heads to the Senate, where Thornberry says he does not expect it to pass.