Last of Swift Suspects Arraigned

Another 36 Swift detainees pleaded not guilty to illegal immigration and identity theft charges today. 

Judge Clinton Averitte read them their charges through an interpreter.

Those in court today are the last to be arraigned of the 53 jailed in Randall county.

Federal agents arrested them in a raid on the Cactus Swift plant last month.

All 53 are represented by the same public defender who tells us separate trial dates for each of them could be set within the next thirty days.

1. Swift Employees Arraigned
17 former Cactus Swift plant workers returned to court today to face arraignment. One by one an Amarillo federal judge read them their illegal immigration and identity theft charges through an interpreter. All of them pleaded not guilty. The group is part of 53 ex-meat packing employees...
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2. NC10 Investigates Swift Detainees Whereabouts
The 53 former Cactus Swift employees being held in randall county are now indicted on criminal charges. But you may wonder what s become of 241 other people also arrested in the illegal immigration raid at the same plant last month. NewsChannel 10's Julia Bagg has been searching for that answer...
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3. Swift Defendants Charged with Multiple Felonies
We have new details on the Cactus Swift detainees now indicted. Each of the 53 defendants is charged in a separate felony criminal indictment, most face multiple counts. All of them are charged with false representation of a social security number. The penalty for that is up to five years in...
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