Local Reaction to President's Speech

It was not only a first for President Bush...it was the first time any State of the Union address was opened with the words "Madame Speaker."

It was also the first time in 12 years the president spoke in front of a Democratically controlled congress.

Although the President focused primarily on affordable healthcare for all Americans, decreasing our dependance on foreign oil and creating more jobs, he also asked congress and the American people to embrace his plan to send more troops to the U.S.

He said it represents the best hope in a war America must not lose.

One local organization held what they call a "Watch Party" to listen to what the President had to say.

One local viewer, Jim Perkins says although he appreciates President Bush pushing for bi-partisanship, he says over the past six years...nobody has reached across any aisles. "So I think it's healthy we're working towards bi-partisanship, I think the Democrats will do the American people right, I think they will try to cooperate."

Other people who watched the State of the Union address tell us they feel the president did a good job addressing the major issues plaguing our country.

They also said Bush also delivered reasonable solutions to those problems.