Borger May Ban Sex Offenders from Certain Areas

Convicted sex offenders who have committed crimes against children may soon be forced to live in certain areas of Borger. 

Under an ordinance being looked at by the city council, those convicted sex-offenders will have to live more than one thousand feet away from schools, parks, video arcades, swimming pools and youth centers.

Loitering in those areas will also be considered a crime.

This extends the current state law which only applies to sex offenders while they are on probation, but not after that period is over.

Assistant City Manager Eddie Edwards told NewsChannel10's Tina Berasley "Here in Borger we like to be progressive like any other city...if it helps protect one child then I think the council feels strongly that we should move in that direction".

Borger Police Chief Jimmy Adams added "It will give us a tool to operate with. If we catch them in an area they are restricted from then we will be able to check them out and intervene and even arrest if they are in violation of the city ordinance". 

The proposed ordinance will not apply to convicted sex offenders already living in the restricted area in Borger. The city council may approve it by mid-February.