Amber Alerts on MySpace

It happened in our own backyard-- a little girl, snatched.

An Amber Alert called into action.

Tonight, the program used to alert the public to help find kids who've vanished, has another outlet to reach you.

NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin has more on how the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is working to get that crucial information out.

The program is teaming up with MySpace to join in the searches in missing children cases just like 10-year-old Marissa Graham's of Texhoma.

They're posted along highways, TV screens and the radio...

Now, they're heading online.

"I think its great."

"It's an information tool for the 21st century."

"When you look at how many people all across the U.S.  who are on MySpace watching that using that for conversation you can't ignore a huge mass of information like that," says Sgt. Randy TenBrink, with the Amarillo Police Dept.

A huge mass of information that will now be used to help track down kids who've vanished.

Here's how it works: the online notices are sent to members in the zip code where the alerts are issued. They'll include photos of the missing children and descriptions of any suspects.

Elisa Crum who's a mother of three likes the extra safeguard.

"The more opportunities to have them out there the better," she says.

She worries about her youngsters.

Especially after cases like Graham's.

"It could of easily been us," she says.

"You've got to cover every base and if we're doing it by MySpace, radio. Doesn't matter how you're getting it out just as long as it gets out," says TenBrink.

"The more places the better especially for mothers like myself ... the more places the better where we can get help if need to," says Crum.

Some other people we spoke with also liked the fact that the alerts are now on MySpace because its reaching a younger audience... that maybe normally wouldn't see that crucial information otherwise.