Wicked Weather Brings Much Needed Moisture

We've been socked with rain, ice and snow over the past few weeks.

But the wicked conditions haven't been all bad.

In fact, the string of winter storms is bringing in some much needed moisture to the area.

NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin joins us live in the studio with more on how it's helping our drought and area farmers.

Yes, it absolutely is.

We're told the wet weather could help bust our drought.

And for crops this year's already turning out to be much brighter than last.

Jerry Artho, soaking up what's soaking into the ground.

"The moisture's been a blessing ... El Nino has pumped quite a bit into the area," says Jerry Artho, an area farmer.

Pumping in precipitation and feeding his wheat crop...

A crop he didn't even have last year.

"It's gonna be a good deal for the wheat you get some nitrogen with the snow which helps fertility," he says.

More wet stuff to help him...

And our drought.

"It's putting us on the plus side," says Richard Wynne, with the National Weather Service.

To put it into perspective this is how much moisture we've received since August, all 3 cylinders add up to about 14 inches.

"This is kind of a bonus for us to have these interruptions in the dryness," says Wynne.

Interruptions that could continue...

There's already another weather system expected to storm in for the weekend.

It could bring even more moisture for Artho's crops, and more moisture for our drought stricken area.