Kidnapped Texhoma Girl Finally Back Home; Suspect Still on Run

The emotional roller coaster for an Texhoma family is finally over tonight.

Just days after a kidnapped 10-year old turned up 200 miles away in Clovis after making a daring dash to escape her captor...

The little girl is back in her hometown tonight.

And newschannel 10 is there.

It was Thursday when Marissa Graham was reportedly snatched off her bike a half a block away from her home in Texhoma.

She escaped Friday when she kicked open the door of her captor's vehicle and ran into a convenience store in Clovis.

The Graham family hopped in their car to be reunited with their daughter right after they received the great news.

And tonight they were all welcomed home with open arms from the entire Texhoma community.

Meantime, the man accused of taking Marissa is still on the run.

But tonight, the FBI tells us they've developed a more detailed description of her captor.

The suspect is a white man, about six feet tall, with a thin build, in his 30s or younger.

He has a round face, thin lips, a long pointy nose, short brown hair that's parted on the side.

We're told the kidnapper wore glasses.

And he was last seen in a blue shirt that had princeton written on it...

As well as tan cargo pants and white nike shoes.

We spoke with the FBI tonight about what this new description means when it comes to finding Marissa's captor.

"In cases like this they're very difficult to solve but then again we're just one tip away from solving it, hopefully every tip we get will lead us to the person who committed this crime," says FBI spokesman Gary Johnson.

If you know anything about this case...

Or have seen a man matching our description...

Call 405-290-7770.