Brave Drivers Hit the Stores

Some people actually wanted to be outside in the heavy snow today...
     Newschannel10's Tina Berasley tracked down those who chose to brave the elements.

Brave drivers decided the snow totalling nearly a foot in some areas wouldn't keep them inside for yet another weekend, and hit the stores. 
   At Albertsons on I-40 and Washington a steady stream of shoppers came in and out the supermarket doors.
   Some came shopping to help combat boredom, and say they don't mind the winter weather. Sharon McQuay said "Well, its very unusual that we would get this type of snow in Amarillo where it just floats down, the wind is not blowing and its swirling all around but you can be out in it and its wonderful".
   Thane Wainright and his daughter spent the afternoon driving around the city, for an important item they say they couldn't live without. 
    "Just driving around trying to find wood. Walmart's out all the United's, everybody's out so this is the only place that had wood and it's not even firewood, its grill wood but I thought we'd get a few bundles of it."
   Ron Gambrell came to Amarillo to get some food for his dogs and got stuck...after being in the store for only ten minutes. 
    He added i'm surprised it was kind of a level spot and when I pulled up there it was okay...its pretty nasty out and it looks like its gonna get worse, you're better off staying home". 
     All the shoppers we spoke with including Gambrell said having a four-wheel drive vehicle was very helpful out on the roads, but that keeping your eye out for other drivers is always your best defense.