"Amber Alert" Not Broadcast in Texas

The Amber Alert from Texhoma was issued by law enforcement at 4:00 on Friday morning...but local media never received the official notification, and we wanted to know why.

Newschannel10's Tina Berasley is investigating the problem and brings us that story.

Even though Texhoma is in the viewing area Newschannel10 serves, Texas officials say they never sent the information to us...because they never received the Amber Alert information themselves. 

We contacted the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, they tell us the information was sent to all the surrounding states including Texas' Department of Public Safety right after the alert was issued early Friday morning.

Gene Thaxston is the State Amber Alert Coordinator for the Oklahoma Department of public Safety. He said "We got an acceptance message back from each state that it had been delivered that's the process we normally go through on all of them, so I don't have anymore information about where it went other than its addressed to the Texas DPS in Austin. 

The highway signs that can be used to notify drivers about the Amber Alert also could not be programmed with the information because Austin says they never received it.

Tx-DOT officials agree they are a valuable tool, but they must receive official word from the Texas Department of Public Safety before it can be programmed. 

      The Department of Justice in Washington D.C. oversees the Amber Alert program, and we contacted them to tell them about the communication problem. They tell us they do have guidelines set up but it is up to the states to work out any communications issues.