Local Disaster Relief Team Heads to Oklahoma

As state teams try to estimate the damage...others try to help those  battling with the aftermath of the winter storm that crippled areas of the Oklahoma panhandle.

Tonight 7 people from Amarillo are in Oklahoma....helping people get their lives back on track. 

The group is part of the Paramount Baptist Church disaster relief team .

They left on their mission around 8:30 this morning and should be back in about a week. 

Mission Director Gerald Cook told us what they expect to do when they get there. " Some of the trees have gone through the roof of the houses and in our trailer we have building materials to try and put tarps back on the roofs....right now parts of that country are still without power we have a generator in our trailer to help if we need to."

Cook says when the good lord calls upon them to help someone in need.... They go.

In fact... This team has helped people all over the county and world in disaster situations... Including Louisiana after hurricane Katrina hit.