Kidnapping Victim Safe-FBI Seeking Suspect

The Graham family waiting to hear news of Marissa
The Graham family waiting to hear news of Marissa

A 10 year old snatched from her neighborhood in Texhoma is safe this evening.

It was Thursday evening when Marissa Marie Graham went missing. She was on her bicycle on her way to a friends house at 6:30. A neighbor reportedly saw her speaking with a man in a vehicle. One minute she was there...the next she was gone.

Police swarmed the area to look for her and an Amber Alert was then activated in Oklahoma. 

The NewsChannel 10's Team  has covered this story all day, with Blaire Arvin  in Texhoma and Marissa Bagg in Clovis.

No one heard from her from 6:30 Thursday evening until early this afternoon, when she ran into a Clovis convenience store asking for help.

She had apparently escaped from her abductor...authorities believe, when he stopped for gas.

She was reuinted with her family this evening.

"(She) kicked herself out of the trunk and said she wanted her nanny," says Christopher Graham, Marissa's father.

"She went into the convenience store...and the clerk called authorities," says Arnold Peoples, Texas County Sheriff.

Clovis Police Chief Dan Blair  says, "This is a brave little girl... that did the right thing at the right time"

NC10's Marissa Bagg spoke with the Alsups clerk that was working when Marissa came in asking for help to contact police, they said that they were shocked at how calm Marissa was, only being 10 years old.

Marissa's parents credit their little girls bravery to martial arts.

"That helped out a bunch. it's got a lot to do with it," says Marissa's dad.

"I'm excited... I was so worried, I'm gonna giver her a big hug," says Angela Graham, Marissa's mom.

Christopher Graham, Marissa's father, says he is relieved to know his daughter is safe. ...we're told the police will now turn the investigation over to the FBI.

Apparenty the girl was not able to give a good discription of the suspect as he reportedly kept a mask over the girl's face.

Right now the search for the kidnapper is still on. 

He is described as a white male...34 to 45 years old...clean shaven and last seen wearing a button-up shirt.

Authorities tell us his vehicle is a purple SUV.

If anyone has information you are asked to call Clovis police at 505-769-1921.