Disguised Drug Paraphernalia

Local parents and teachers could not believe what they were shown today... Just how easy it is for kids to hide their drug habit.

Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg has a story that may take you by surprise. 
Lipstick, highlighter,cellphone... Seemingly innocent items inside your child's purse or backpack
Bit some could actaully be disguised drug parephenelia.

What's scary is these are flying off the shelves here in Amarillo.     

"I didn't find this in Amarillo because they kept selling out of them, every time I would go to get one they would be gone," says Melynn Huntley with Impact Futures and AISD.

We met up with Huntley today to show parents how easily drug paraphernalia can be taken for other items... and parents couldn't believe it. "The more things she pulled out the more dumb-founded I became. I got to thinking what are the kids being exposed to, or have access to," says Kelly Lynch, teacher and mother of two.

"My first reaction is one of anger, why is it that these can be purchased and legal," says Alan Nickson, Principal of Olsen Park Elementary.

"Most parents would see this was lipstick and not go any further, but it's actually a pipe. This you can purchase in Amarillo," says Huntley. The cell phone is a flask, this small lego-looking piece is a pipe, even this lighter.... "This looks like a lighter, but if you take this off and screw this in the back - now it's a pipe," says Huntley. 

"Probably if the truth be known there are a lot more of the knowledge base among the kids then we'd like to believe. It probably mostly the adults that don't know whats going on with it," says Nickson.

Huntley is trying to change that. "I'm collecting these things so we can stay ahead of the kids. But it's constantly changing. Everything except these two products, I found in Amarillo, Texas," she says.

Huntley says some of these items have been confiscated from students here in Amarillo. 
That's why she says it's so important now, for parents to take a closer look at what their kids are carrying around.