Winter Weather Auto Supply Shortage

A winter storm is on its way into the area and the City of Amarillo and the Texas Department of Transportation have already started to prepare. 

Today, Tx-Dot received some new material to help mix with bottom ash and salt for roads. It's the first time they have used this by-product and say it will help with traction.

So far this winter, they have spent more than a million dollars for materials, fuel, and man power. The city also received thousands of pounds of salt and sand last week to prepare for the upcoming storm.

But getting your own vehicle prepared for the storm may not be so easy. Empty shelves are what you might see the next time you head for auto supplies. That's because they are running out of some winter items for your vehicle. "We ran out of tire chains twice, but we're back in business, got a shipment of those but de-icer, that's the big issue, this is the second time for us to run out of de-icer," says Bill Worthen of Amarillo Auto Supply and Off Road.

"The de-icer we really can't get any more in, we tried numerous suppliers from Oklahoma City to Dallas, Denver, Little Rock, Arkansas, everybody is out of the de-icer right now," says E.J. Ingram of Napa Auto Parts.

At one local auto parts, they have sold more de-icer in January than in the last ten years and as you can see they are completely out right now.

In December 2005, they sold 138 cans, a year later, the number jumps to 606, and just 18 days into the new year, they have sold 1,694. "That's unbelievable, that's never been that great, in years when we have a big snow, we have a rush on these things," says Worthen.

The stores are trying to get more, but it could take some time.  "We're looking at 2-3 days out so with the weekend coming up, we don't know, wish we could get it," says Ingram.

"Just a plain old ice scrapers is good as I can get," says Worthen.