Clovis Man Gets 127 Year for Murder of Elderly Couple

Jerry Fuller last year
Jerry Fuller last year
Jerry Fuller after his arrest in 2005
Jerry Fuller after his arrest in 2005
Doris and Odis Newman
Doris and Odis Newman

Today one of the men responsible for a gruesome double murder in Portales is sentenced to 127 years in prison. 

34-year-old Jerry Fuller pleaded guilty to murder and other charges in the deaths of his elderly Aunt and Uncle.

It was March 2005 when 70-year-old Odis Newman and his 69-year-old wife Doris were stuffed in the trunk of a car.

Court documents show the Newmans were still alive when they were put into the trunk before the car was set on fire.

Fuller agreed to plead guilty to the murders last October in order to avoid the death penalty.

Co-defendants in the case, 26-year old Archie Crawford was convicted of disposing of stolen property and tampering with evidence and sentenced to eight years in prison. And Stanley Bedford was arrested on March 7th after attempting to sell Doris Newman's stolen rings at a pawn shop in Clovis, his murder trial is set to begin in May of 2007.

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