A Look at Tx-DOT Projects, and Progress Around Amarillo

The winter weather has slowed, even stopped construction in parts of Amarillo in the last few months... Testing the patience of drivers.

Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg has more on what parts of our landscape are going under the knife - and when we can expect what's already under construction to be finished.

From Bones Hooks Park to 9th Avenue, out to the airport, there are several construction projects on tap in Amarillo.

Despite weather and funding setbacks Tx-DOT and the city are optimistic about when they can get them finished.

The first project everyone wants to see finished is I -40.

Tx-DOT spokesman Paul Braun says once finishing touches on the light fixtures are complete, we won t see any further construction on this section of interstate until springtime. "So we can re-pave the westbound roadway it will be like the eastbound a nice smooth ride, and people will really like it :

It ' been five months since flood waters washed out a culvert on 9th Avenue. It may be March, before traffic can get back over the bridge - and for a pretty penny."Probably total project cost $720,000 right now" says Braun.

Another project the city is taking on is replacing access ramps for the disabled in places like Bones Hooks park so they are accessible for the disabled. Tx-DOT is in the middle of compiling their wish-list for the next few years.

Projects include widening Georgia street from 58th Avenue to the city limit... Building a new 34th street bridge over the railroad tracks... And widening I-40 from the loop to Hope road - but the funding has to be there."This year the federal government shorten us several million dollars because they had to take care of Katrina relief and the war in Iraq.

If the projects are approved they could be finished by 2011.So it doesn't look like construction projects in Amarillo are coming to an end anytime soon.