Carbon Monoxide Scare Causes Evacuation

Fire fighters evacuated residents at the Colonial Arms Apartments today
Fire fighters evacuated residents at the Colonial Arms Apartments today

You can't see it...hear it...or taste it...but high levels of it could kill you in minutes.

Noelle Gardner with NewsChannel 10 has the story with how several Amarillo residents were effected by carbon monoxide.

Five residents were taken to the hospital today after the colorless, odorless gas seeped into their apartments....

A big scare today for some residents after a carbon monoxide leak at an Amarillo apartment complex.

It all happened at the Colonial Arms apartments--forcing the evacuation of some tenants.

Those tenants were taken to the hospital today after feeling the symptoms of carbon monoxide.

Lt. Troy Waller of  the Amarillo Fire Department says normal readings are from "6-10 anything over 35 start evacuating."

Officials say a hot water heater was not vented properly and carbon monoxide was circulating through the air-- and seeping into the apartments.

Resident, Marshall Barrett says "carbon monoxide detectors should be a mandatory."

Marshall, who has a wife and a toddler is concerned.

More than 500 Americans die each year from carbon monixide poisoning.... Experts say every home should have a carbon monoxide detector installed.. This little device could save your life.

Jordan Swindle is well aware of the silent killer.

Lt. Troy Waller of  the Amarillo Fire Department says, "if you don't have one you need to get one because it can be a very serious problem."

We spoke with the president of the company that owns the apartment complex-- and we were told carbon monoxide detectors are not installed in the complex-- and they don't plan on installing carbon monoxide detectors.

The reason?

That this kind of thing is very "rare."

Detection and Prevention

You may think you are coming down with the flu when it fact, you could be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Those symptoms include headaches, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness and poor coordination.

Avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning is as easy as having your fuel burning appliances checked every winter and buying a carbon monoxide detector. 

If you or anyone in you home is experiencing should be checked by a physician immediately.

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