Frozen Pipes a Pain

Falling temperatures could cut off your water supply tonight.. But there are ways to help keep your pipes from freezing.

The water was not running when Danika Toter got out of bed today. "This morning I went to the bathroom and the water wasn't running when I brushed my teeth. It didn t exactly work for me"

Insulation is the first line of defense...making sure your pipes are not directly exposed to cold air. That's what plumber Jimmy Don Gonzalez tells us went wrong at Danika' s house. "The back of the crawl space at the back of the house was leaking air under the house and it caused the lines that were closer to the back of the house to freeze."

The water is now flowing at the Toter house but with chilly temperatures expected for tonight, the pipes could freeze up again.

If your pipes freeze, Gonzalez says open up the cabinet doors below your sinks to let the heat in and return the flow to your faucets. You can also warm up frozen pipes with hair blow dryers or other strong lamps.  "You can use a halogen lamp for example, those put out a lot of heat, and they'll unthaw em quick. But you have to be careful because they get hot and you cant put them near wood or anything like that if you re gonna do it yourself you need to monitor what you re doing and don t leave it unattended at all."