Diet Doggie Pills

A doggie diet pill that aims to curb the growing obesity problem among our furry friends, will soon be on the market. 
   Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg sat down with dog lovers today to hear how they weight in on the drug, she joins us live in the studio with the details. 
It's called Slentrol. While the veterinarians we spoke with are hesitant to say it will help hefty pups get slim and trim, some pet owners can't wait to get their hands on the doggie drug...
   They hope it will help their pooch shed pounds.  
"We want him to not gain anymore because it's hard on their health and dogs die from being overweight, so we're anxious to get him on anything that will help," says Sterlene Secrist.
   Meet Laddie.
   He is 6 years old, and should weigh about 10 pounds less.
   The Secrist's have tried to curb his diet.
"He was getting a whole cup, and I've cut him down," says Secrist.
   But it hasn't been enough.
 "We try to watch his diet and watch the treats because they're bad, they build up, but we've been watching lately because he's gained some this Winter," says Secrist.
   It's a common sight says Veterinarian Pat Chase.
"It's just as serious a problem with dogs as with people," says Chase.
   That's why Chase is looking forward to learning more about Slentrol - she would probably recommend it for obese dogs - and suggest overweight dogs slim down the traditional way. 
"For one it's cheaper to feed a smaller amount of dog food them to rely on some kind of drug so you can give them whatever you want to eat it's not a nutritional way to handle it," says Chase.

Slentrol is definitely something the Secrists' want to look into for Laddie, and they may get Chase's approval.
"It's hard when they gain weight because you can't make them lose it, and they love to eat," says Secrist.

   Slentrol has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  It isn't expected to be ailable until mid-April.