Students Honor Dr. King

Jackson Bush
Jackson Bush
Sam Haddad
Sam Haddad
Maggie Baay
Maggie Baay

Paying tribute to the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Junior...

Across the Panhandle today, people are honoring the civil rights leader on his birthday.

At the Black Historical Cultural Center in Amarillo, scores of people gathered for Dr. King's unity day.

Mayor Debra McCartt and others in the community joined together to speak about Dr. King's dream, pray and eat some sweets to celebrate what would have be

This is a national holiday...

And a lot of people have work and school off.

But some local students made it a point to go to school today.

NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin has more on St. Andrews Episcopal School's mission to teach its students about the legacy of a king.

It is a special birthday and an even more special school day.

These kids wanted to be there to carry on the legacy of a man, a hero, and a role model.



A message... from one of the most influential people in American history, recreated.

"I have a dream one day this nation true meaning of freedom."

These youngsters are listening.

"With his speech and everything with the civil rights movement he's done a lot for us," says Jackson Bush, a 14 year old.

"We hope all men are created equal."

"Nobody's better than everyone else everyone is equal," says Sam Haddad, 11 years old.

Sores of kids, soaking up Dr. King's vision which still resonates some 40 years later.

"It's important that we come together especially at times of need but we should stay together also... you really need to stay together and I think that's what Dr. Martin Luther king helped us," says Haddad.

"If he didn't do what he did I think racism and segregation would be a problem today," says Maggie Baay, 13 years old.

"If we wouldn't have come to school today we wouldn't have learned wouldn't have celebrated and its just been a great day," says Bush.

"He changed a lot."

One man, changing history and impacting our future, and inviting these little ones to dream.

"I would want to be like him because he was a very strong minded person and he knew what he wanted to do and he was willing to work very hard to get that accomplished," says Baay.

The school decided to join the students together on this day to actively honor the memory of Dr. King, rather than stay home, school officials say they will continue to have classes on MLK Day from now on.