General Manager





1. Oversees all daily operations relating to membership programs, membership management, and facility operations.

2. Actively participates in the development of organizational goals, plans, and objectives. Supports the organizational goals, plans, and objectives.

3. Actively participates in the implementation of the budget and ensures sound fiscal management of resources. Analyses operational and budgetary objectives.

4. Develops and maintains programs that integrate the facility's goals, functions and processes.

5. Responsible for comprehensive development of staff members. This includes hiring, counseling, training, disciplinary action, and supervision of daily assignments.

6. Identifies system dysfunctions and works to resolve dysfunctions in a timely fashion.

7. Communicates effectively, accurately and systematically with supervisor, peers, fellow employees, the membership population, and the public.

8. Establishes and maintains effective relationships with supervisor, peers, fellow employees, the membership population, and the public. Promotes teamwork and cooperative effort. Promotes the highest level of customer service at all levels.

9. Performs support activities that relate to facility's programs, functions, and processes. Maintains a safe work environment and promotes safe work habits.

10. Ensures overall Quality Outcome of facility's programs, functions, and processes.

11.       Ensures facility's compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations. Promotes and adheres to the policies of the Amarillo Town Club and Baptist Community Services.

Education:     College Degree

Experience:   Candidates should have a minimum of two years work experience in management in a customer services related field. Fitness and or wellness experience is preferred. Experience with budgets, personnel work schedules, sales, business office processes are all preferential skill sets.

Physical / Special Demands:

1. Must bend, stoop, twist, turn, climb stairs, stand for 2 hours, lift 70 lbs., move 315 lbs. with assistance, and reach up to 7 feet.

2. Must be able to walk and stand 33-66% of an 8-hour workday.

3. Must be able to sit up to 33% of an 8-hour workday, tolerating from 30 minutes up to 1-hour sessions.

4. Must be able to tolerate and demonstrate safe body mechanics including kneeling, stooping, crawling and twisting positions 33-66% of an 8-hour workday.

5. Must exhibit good organizational, numerical, alphabetical, reading, and writing skills. Must possess good social skills and poise. Must display good follow-through skills.

6. Must be able to problem solve and respond quickly and calmly in stressful situations.

7. Must have good written and verbal communication skills.

8. Must be able to hear to respond to telephone, overhead intercom, employee and patient inquiries and in turn verbally communicate effectively with employees and customers.

9. Visual acuity required to read reports, and for the monitoring of members and for operations of equipment.

10. Cognitive skills required for reasoned interpretation of assessment and in all program needs along with good coordination and fine motor skills in grasping, adjusting controls and typing on computers.

11. Ability to ascend/descend 22 steps up to 10 times daily.

12. Possible exposure to clients with infectious conditions.

13. Individual must be able to exercise good judgment and discretion in handling sensitive and confidential information related to membership situations.