Traveling In The Icy Weather

The roads are slick and dangerous and the Texas Department of Transportation says you need to drive safely and use caution.

Ice is also coating the roadways which can make it difficult for those travelling. 
   "We haven't had to close any roads in the Panhandle with this storm, so that's been a good thing, but the roads are still dangerous to drive on," says Paul Braun of TxDot.
   But some have to drive on the roads like truck drivers who make a living going from one place to another.
   "It's been an ordeal. Slow down, that's the most important thing, slow down and watch for 4-wheelers," says Richard Cooper, a truck driver.
   Others took to the air to get their destination, but that even took some time because of the weather conditions.
   "I have no luggage, because it's in Lubbock and there's nothing going to Lubbock, It's been pretty frustrating because I was ready to get home yesterday and I'm still not there," says Jolie Conley who was stuck in Dallas because of the icy weather.
    "We're just waiting to see if the conditions in Dallas stay good for our plane to land, if all goes well than our flights should go," says Greg Hotchkiss, who is flying back to Dallas.
   Flights are running on time right now at the Rick Husband International Airport.
   As for those hitting the highways, Tx-Dot offers some advice that can never be heard enough.
   "Just because we're out there treating the roadways doesn't mean they stay clear, we have to keep on treating them and people that are driving on these roadways need to make sure they drive safely because the icy conditions can happen at any time and you just need to be careful," says Braun.