Icy Roads Leave Repair Shops Swamped with Customers

Although, the icy roads are treacherous for drivers, they create a boost in business for car repair shops as more fender-benders occur across the city. 

    Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg has more on just how busy auto shops have been today. 

   Typically the winter season is slow for mechanics, but the ice and sleet that we've seen today are the prime reason why shops have been swamped with customers.
"I flew into the grass and that's what caught it and made it flip over, so I had my seat-belt on and i held on for dear life and road it out," says Gina Galitski.

19-year-old Gina Galitski is just one of dozens of drivers who were caught off guard by the ice.
   Her Ford Explorer was towed to this shop for repair - just like several others that flooded shops.
 "It's bad for everyone else but it helps our business," says Jimmy Fincher, owner of Jimmy Fincher Body Shop.
"We're just like any other shop, we like to see the business and we know it's going to slow down as soon as the weather gives up," says Steve Young of Young's Automotive.
   It's only mid-January and this is the fourth storm to hit the area with ice, so it may not slow down anytime soon.
   "I think everyone is starting to pick up, others are getting busy so it will help the whole market the cold weather and slick streets," says Fincher.
   As for Galitski, this was her first wreck, and she will do what she can to make it her last.
 "Probably just go a little slower, but I didn't see it and I wasn't going that fast, it was unexpected," she says.

   Fincher added that a storm like this will keep customers coming in for repairs for three weeks... Just in time probably for the next round from mother nature.