Baby Dumped in Dumpster May Not be Murder

Two people arrested for dumping a newborn baby's body in a dumpster in Cactus will not be facing murder charges. 

The baby's mother Maria Ortiz and her boyfriend Martin Morales both remain in the Moore County jail this evening.

Area District Attorney David Green says the autopsy has finally been completed six months after the incident, and findings could not prove the baby was murdered. "You have to have a person who's alive and then is killed to have a murder case, if a child is born dead or stillborn then you could not prosecute anyone for the child's death. "

Green says the pair will now face Class A Misdemeanor charges of "abuse of a corpse", for  putting the baby's body in the dumpster.

If convicted they could each face a year in prison and a 4 thousand dollar fine. 

Both Ortiz and Morales are also facing identity theft charges, Green says both are from Guatemala and are former employees of the Swift plant in Cactus.

Two Arrested for Murder of Infant
A murder investigation continues in Cactus after two people were arrested early Saturday morning in connection with the death of an infant. Information surrounding the investigation has been kept to a minimum, but today NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente did receive a copy of the arrest reports...
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