Icy Roads Causing Wrecks

The slick roads have already contributed to over 40-wrecks in the city today and that number continues to grow. 

Police and emergency crews have been running non-stop since the ice began to fall early this morning.

Many of the wrecks have had minor injuries reported with them however we have not heard of any serious injuries at this time.

We have also contacted the Texas Department of Public Safety to see how many car wrecks have been reported in the panhandle, however they did not have that number available at this time.

Texas Road Conditions: 800.452.9292 New Mexico Road Conditions: 800.432.4269
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Panhandle Road Conditions: 806-468-1488 Oklahoma Road Conditions: 405-425-2385
Kansas Road Conditions: 800-585-7623 Colorado Road Conditions: 303-639-1111