Gone In 4 Seconds!

Thieves are always coming up with new scams to try and rip you off. Today NewsChannel 10 found out about an alarming new way thieves are stealing your property right in front of you. 

A person is filling up with gas... and while they are doing this... a thief pulls up beside, reaches inside the unlocked vehicle and takes their personal belongings in just a matter of seconds.

NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente wanted to see if this scam really is that simple so she put Amarillo drivers to the test. 
    The odds are we've all probably done it once or twice, you're in a hurry to get gas so you leave your doors unlocked with your personal items in the passenger side never thinking how easily it could be for someone to steal your belongings while you are filling up with gas.
   But it is that easy...
    We  tried it out on local drivers. 
And it only took me a couple of seconds to reach inside the door and grab her purse with all her personal belongings inside.

She was shocked to find out how easily she could have become a victim.
   "I'm not really from Amarillo, I live in a smaller town than this so I'm just used to leaving everything open, I'm going to think about it before I can get out or something you know," says Mandy Brown who left who purse inside her unlocked car.
   Less than five minutes after opening that first car door, we were able to open up the van's door and see a purse sitting inside.
   "And even though you honked at me, if I was someone who was stealing, do you think a honk would have stopped that person?...No, because he was in front of me, there wasn't any way to go after you but I should have honked more, but I don't know if that would have done any good though," says Jane Nix, also left her van unlocked.
    Although we found some people who left their doors unlocked with personal belongings inside, there are some people who have learned this lesson in the past and keep their doors locked at all times.
   "I was always taught to lock it and I used to have a convertible and every time I would leave anything in it, it would get stolen so now that I can lock it, I do,"says Amy Langbein, who always locks her door.
  It's easy to avoid becoming a victim, just follow some common sense rules.
   When filling up your car with gas, make sure you have your personal belongings such as your purse with you, and make sure your doors are locked, also be alert to everything that is going on around you.