School OfficialsTry to Get to the Bottom of Mysterious Rash

A rash that has infected three students at rolling Hills Elementary school remains a mystery, after an investigation into the school's restrooms could not pinpoint its cause. 

The City of Amarillo has done a sweep of the restrooms where staff believes the rash was contracted...and so far they can not say just how it all started.

Deree Duke told NC10'a Tina Berasley even after a thorough investigation, the cause of the irritation remains a mystery. "We went out and investigated took a look at the toilet seats took a look at the bathrooms and took a look at the chemicals that were used at the school visited with the custodian spoke with the school nurse and school administators to try and come up with some clues about what might have happened."

Any clues would be a relief to one mom, who says her eight year old daughter was sent home Tuesday morning after complaining to the school nurse of blistering and itching on her backside.

She is certain the toilet seats are to blame, "The shape of it, its definitely the shape of a toilet seat, there's no really denying it, if you see the markings I don't see there's another way it could've gotten on there."

She says she is a chemist who has seen the burns before, and that the health department should have worked more quickly to try and pinpoint the cause... adding the chemicals could have been cleaned up by the time the city swabbed the location.

Rolling Hills Principal, Doug Rawlins says they are continuing to investigate the restrooms that seem to be the source of the symptoms. He also says there have been no other cases since the original three occurred on Tuesday, and that parents and students should not panic about the situation, but exercise some caution, " If any kid sees anything on it, its not a dry seat not to sit on it, if they see anything on make sure the teacher sees it so we make sure its not a prank somebody's trying to pull. "