Family Talks About Children Lost in Fire

The Duran family
The Duran family
Well wishers have left stuffed animals at the house
Well wishers have left stuffed animals at the house
Danielle Duran
Danielle Duran

The fourth child who was involved in Tuesday's Hereford house fire has died.

The child, 4-year-old Mary Nicole Duran died at 10:42 Wednesday night at the Lubbock Burn Unit.

The fire has now caused the deaths of four siblings: Kaya Hope Duran, 2 years old
Givonna Faith Duran, 2 years old, Oryan Xavier Duran, 18 months old.

NewsChannel 10's Jennifer Best spoke with the Duran family today.

It's been an emotional day for Danielle Duran, her family friends and all those who know the Duran family.

People have already brought stuffed animals and letters to the family, showing their support. 

I spoke with the childrens' Grandfather, Paul Estrada.  He says he will miss them tremendously. 
"Miss their smiles, miss their laughs, and playing with them in one of their favorite outside spots... this is the porch where we spent many memories...People would go by and wave... I like to be outdoors... and my twins sat her, Nichole sat there and the baby was barley walking..."

Estrada says he knows God is taking good care of his grandkids. And he thanks everyone for their prayers and support.

I also spoke with mother of the children, Danielle Duran.

She told me that the oldest, Mary Nicole, always looked after the others. She says they always laughed and played together. "They loved watching Sponge Bob on TV ,and always had a hug and a smile for everyone....I'm going to miss their laughter their smiles I'm going to miss hearing 'mom'...I'm never going to here that...and get a big old hug... no more kisses. "

Danielle and the rest of the family thank the people in the area for their prayers and support.

Four children who died in a house fire will be laid to rest in Hereford on Monday.