NC10 Investigates Swift Detainees Whereabouts

The 53 former Cactus Swift employees being held in randall county are now indicted on criminal charges. But you may wonder what s become of 241 other people also arrested in the illegal immigration raid at the same plant last month.

NewsChannel 10's Julia Bagg has been searching for that answer and tonight she shares what she s found.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have at last revealed the whereabouts of 241 ex-Swift employees transferred out of our area.

For many days neither they nor the U.S. Attorney's office could tell us what exactly had become of those detainees.

Each agency directed us to the other. Then today ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok told me where the 241 other detainees are now.

He says,  88 were transferred to two county jails inAalbuquerque and have begun court proceedings there.

80 Mexican nationals waived their right to a hearing and are now in Mexico after being deported.

68 Guatemalans were sent to an ICE holding facility in Haskell, Texas - and all but one of them have since been deported to Guatemala.

Five others were released on their own personal recognizance.

Those detainees plus the 53 people indicted Tuesday who remain in Randall county jail make up the total 294 people arrested.