Employers Checking in on MySpace

There's a good chance you've used it within the last few hours.

And there's also a good chance someone else has seen it that you don't want to.

We're talking about MySpace.

As NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin uncovers tonight, a loose keyboard could now cost you your job.

Punch the keypad...

And you're logged on.

"I've gotten in contact with a lot of high school friends."

Messaging old friends...

Posting pictures...


"I use it basically to vent."

Unleashing your frustrations.

It seems everyone's on MySpace these days...

That includes your employer.

One woman claims she was fired for the contents on her page.

"I wrote my feelings on what I was told I would have to do which was to drive to a whole other town first thing in the morning and I didn't agree with it ... I thought she was off her rocker for it."

Paige Bryan apparently paid big for those comments.

Something that frightens MySpace users like Melissa Rueda.

She knows someone who got the boot because of her web page.

"She put how she hated her job her boss and disliked it completely, the next day she was gone," says Rueda.

We looked into whether there are any rules employers have to follow.

One lawyer tells us, some companies have a code of conduct...

But since Texas is a right to work state there's really nothing you can do to stop employers from checking in on you online.

That has Rueda changing her tune about the site.

"I would seriously consider taking it off," she says.

But for others like Bryan...

"I'm gonna write in my journal its my privilege if you don't like it don't read it," she says.

She'll keep cruising the web.

No matter the consequences.