Human Head Investigation is now called Murder

A human head found nearly a year ago is a case of murder.
   At noon today we brought you the breaking news that the autopsy results are released.   
  The mystery started last March when the head was found in a dumpster by a city employee.
Investigators searched the landfill for days but did not find any other remains.  
   In April,a composite sketch was drawn of the victim but no one came forward with word on just who he was and they still haven't.
  Since then he has been known as John Doe 327.
   The autopsy shows the victim suffered blunt force trauma and therefore it is homicide.

For nearly a year, John Doe 327's death has been listed as "undetermined".
   Today, the autopsy results are released to NewsChannel 10 and in them shows this man was murdered.
"From the autopsy report, it shows between 10 and 13 blows to the head. As of right now from the report, it's going to be ruled a homicide," says Haven Dysart, Justice of the Peace for Potter County Precinct 3.
    Murder, getting to this point took some time.
    It started over nine-months ago when the remains were sent to Lubbock.
   There, a forensic anthropologist had to take apart the head and reconstruct it.
    Once they were able to do this, investigators found the suspicious marks on the skull leading it to be called homicide.
 The right side of the head received two to five blows, while the left side experienced three.
   To the face, there were a number of injuries with at least five blows, one from a bladed tool. 
   The blade could be from a knife or the metal blades from the trash compactor where the head was found.
   Since there is only a head to investigate, it is difficult to find out any information about John doe's identity.
   "We didn't have much to work with, we had to have the forensic pathologist come in, it took a while to get the autopsy report, this is a case that is not that simple, we have had some problems, there have been some changes in Lubbock, we are moving along with case, and the only thing I can tell you it's an open case at this time," says Dysart.
   We contacted the medical examiner's office in Lubbock to try and find out why it took so long to get the autopsy results back to Amarillo, but we were told the doctor is no longer in lubbock and they could not release any information. 
   Now police need your help in trying to figure out the missing pieces of this gruesome puzzle. 
     If you recognize this man, you should contact the Special Crimes Unit at 378-9468.