Some Cimarron County Residents Still With No Power

More than 15-hundred people in the Oklahoma panhandle remain without power today. Some, like the Russell family, have been without power and water for 11 days. 

Crews from Tri-County Electric cooperative say they are making progress to restore power to people in Texas and Cimarron counties who were hit by the New Year's ice and snow storm.

Several private electrical contractors are now working with Tri-County Eelectric to help restore power more quickly.

It's hard to imagine not being able to get water from your  faucet or turn a light on and off, but for the Russell family, that's how they are living since they are on day 11 without power.
"Well, it's been a pretty unique experience, we've had no electricity so our main thing has been to tend to our cattle and our number one priority was to keep feed and water out to the cattle and without any electricity, the electric fences weren't working so we were trying to keep the cattle fed so they would stay home,"says Charles Russell.

Charles, his wife, and two daughters also have to adjust to no heat, water, or power. "They would sleep in front of the fireplace and then my wife put about 8 inches of extra quilt on our bed so we at least slept warm, we couldn't turn over but we slept warm in our bed anyways."

During the day, they are busy cooking on their gas stoves and taking care of the cattle.  At night, they sit by the fireplace and play games with the light from a lantern. Although Charles says it is fun to have some quality family time, it is difficult not knowing what is going on in the world. "It was awful. I felt like I was having withdrawls without any internet, news, or weather, or anything like that."

They are sharing a generator with Charles's mother and father but they have to take turns on which necessity to use. "So we had a trade off between the lights or water, we got along fine and hopefully we'll get electricity someday soon and we'll definitely appreciate it more once we get it on since not having it."

The Russell's have not been told yet when they will have power restored, but they say they are keeping their fingers crossed it will be soon.