DPS Seized Millions Worth of Drugs in '06

The Texas Department of Public Safety has now released the number of drug busts in the Texas panhandle. 

State troopers seized 20-million dollars worth of narcotics during 161 separate drug busts over the year and recovered more than 3-million dollars in drug money. 

Officers also seized vehicles that were used in the drug trafficking and those cars are said to be worth almost 58-thousand dollars.

2006 Drugs Busts

161 Separate Busts
$20,043,912.00 in Drugs
$3,194,105.00 in Cash
$57,521.00 in Vehicles

The majority of these drug seizures occurred along I-40.

The total dollar amount of drugs seized for 2006 is down two million from 2005 when officers found over 22-million dollars worth of drugs.