U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry's Talks About the New Congress

The start of the 110th Congress will go down in the history books. For the first time ever a woman is Speaker of the House - and Democrats have control of Congress for the first time in 12 years. Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg has more on how one of our local congressman feels about it.

U. S. Congressman Mac Thornberry is optimistic about how well Republicans and Democrats will work together in this new Congress.  He says the bi-partisanship could help push issues that are important to the panhandle. "We're fortunate that some of the key issues that affect us like national security with Pantex and Bell Helicopter and agriculture are issues where traditionally there's been more bi-partisan co-operation than in other issues. I'm hopeful we can improve upon that," says Thornberry.

Members on both sides of the coin have made it obvious their common goal is to work together to get legislation passed.  "I accept this gavel in the spirit of partnership, not partisanship. I look forward to working with Boehner and Republicans for the good of the American people," says newly sworn-in Spearker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

"I believe that any change brings new opportunities and if we can work together to solve the country's problems then that will be a useful thing," says Thornberry.  The Congressman remains positive, but the change stirs one concern.  "What I'm concerned about is the initial issues won't really be in committee for long, that they'll be railroaded through and that's not a good way to start."
   Democrats hope to start discussing issues like minimum wage, stem-cell research, and prescription drug costs.