PAC Recommends Tougher Standards for Texas Teachers

A Texas business group has proposed a system to get rid of ineffective teachers. 

The Governor's Business Council...which is not affiliated with Governor Rick encouraging the legislature to adopt its teacher effectiveness proposals during the upcoming session.

According to their website the Council is a non-profit organization created in 1994 to advise the governor in establishing economic policy in Texas.

Their proposal would increase teacher training and development, while holing them accountable through yearly evaluations.

The basic elements of this plan are to:

  • strengthen standards and align coursework and achievement tests with these standards;
  • improve the statewide collection of information about student, teacher, administrator, and school performance;
  • create the best tools to measure the academic progress of students in order to increase teacher effectiveness;
  • dramatically improve the evaluation of teacher performance;
  • pay more to teachers who perform well and who take on greater and more difficult assignments;
  • support and retain teachers through improved professional development and other proven academic programs;
  • remove persistently ineffective teachers,
  • improve principal leadership; and
  • improve teacher preparation to increase the supply of more effective teachers.

The evaluations would be based on standardized testing and other measures.

To read the full proposal follow the link: