Daycare Requests Hearing on Sexual Abuse

A local day care center under investigation for allegations of sexual abuse has now asked for an administrative hearing. 

Officials say the allegations surfaced at the Hagy Child Care Center in November claiming a 3-year old boy had been sexually abused.

Today the Department of Child Protective services tells us the center has asked for an administrative hearing over the matter.

During the hearing, the center will have the opportunity to present arguments they say did not come up in the initial investigation.

A date for that hearing has not yet been set.

Alleged Sexual Abuse at Local Day Care
It is a parent's worst nightmare-- A man is suspected of sexually abusing a 3-year-old at a local day care center. After weeks of investigating... Officials tell us they suspect a worker at Hagy Child Care Center did in fact commit this horrible crime. "We informed the day care today...
Last Modified 12/24/2006 10:32:19 PM