A Costly Repair After the Storm

With each day that passes the cost of repairing the communities damaged by recent storms continues to rise. Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg has a look at how expensive it's getting to be. 

Many cities and counties don't know the extent of the cost of repair yet, but they are starting to get an idea. Right now Texas County, where Guymon is located, is estimating more than one million dollars in damage from the storm this past weekend to it's Electric Co-op alone.  The county had already accrued damages of one million dollars from previous storms in December.

When you break it down... Half of those dollars went to remove debris like fallen branches and brush.  About $400,000 dollars was used to re-instate power. The rest went to repair the telephone system. Rescue efforts are still underway tonight. Until that is finished, they won't know how much all of their damages will come to, but they expect expenses to climb much higher.

In Guymon the city has spent several hundred thousand dollars to clear debris - and that is just a preliminary report.   

Hereford says it was lucky to only go about $10,000 dollars over budget cleaning up.

Cities like Clayton and Amarillo could not give any estimate on clean-up and repair costs at this time. 
Tonight we called Clayton and were told Union County is trying to get a Federal Disaster Declaration in order to get federal funds to help pay for damages.  They've already received that declaration from Governor Bill Richardson.