OK National Guard Search for Trapped Residents

PFC Mindi Haws, Oklahoma National Guard
PFC Mindi Haws, Oklahoma National Guard

There are still thousands without power in western parts of the Oklahoma panhandle because of the recent snow storm.

The National Guard is also searching today for anyone trapped rural areas.  And the mission isn't easy. 

Snow piles on rural roads in Kenton is making it difficult for the Oklahoma National Guard. 

This afternoon we met up with one of the crews as they were going door to door to check on people.  But it was their last stop for a while since the roads were covered with snow and even their Humvees couldn't get through. 

Crews are spread throughout Kenton which is in the far northwestern part of Cimarron County and the surrounding rural areas.

They say it will take a couple of day to finish checking on people.

Right now though there are no reported injuries. 

The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management tell us there are still 35 hundred customers with out power.  Mostly in Kenton, Adams and surrounding rural areas.