Efforts Underway to Help Rural Residents Trapped by Snow

Folks in the Oklahoma panhandle and northeastern New Mexico continue to dig out of snow left behind this past weekend.    

Rural residents buried under near 30 inches of snow and stranded in Union County are receiving aid tonight. 

Close to 1,000 people live in outlying areas of Union County. And tonight those trapped in their homes may soon be getting relief. 

Local contractors in the area are using backhoes and front end loaders to deliver food and medical supplies to areas hardest hit by the storm.

Clayton Mayor Garth Boyce  says , "This is an older town...lots of elderly people can't get out their doors to even go anywhere so we've got to get to those people. They count on us."

Some areas are buried under snow so high...heavy equipment can't reach them on the ground

The Bennefield family lives on a ranch near Chapman road north of Clayton and they have a baby in need of formula and diapers. Clayton resident and family friend Marianne Rose brought supplies that will be delivered by air thanks to New Mexico state police.

Mayor Boyce says that so far there has been no fatalities due to the storm.

But he is worried about those trapped out in the county if supplies do not reach them quickly.