New Year's Crackdown

It is a message you hear time and time again, you drink and drive, you go to jail.

But with New Years, local law enforcement is stressing to revelers, be safe while celebrating.

Plenty of local law enforcement are watching out for those who drink too much and try to drive home.

"Let me kind of put it in perspective for you, if a person decides to drink and drive this evening, the odds of you getting caught are higher than any other night of the year period. I mean DPS, Potter, Randall, APD, everybody is going to be out there all across Texas and our focus is going to be drunk driving so it's a dumb decision to drink and drive anyway, but to do it tonight is a really stupid thing because we're going to looking for you,"says Trooper Wayne Beighle of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

If you do decide to go out and drink, there are plenty of options so you don't have to get behind the wheel.

The AAA is offering free rides and some local cab companies and clubs have teamed up to make sure people get home safely.

"New Year's is not just a concern, it's a concern every night but  definitely New Year's is targeted holiday where a lot of people come out and drink and we just want to make sure they get home safe and so do the beer companies, cab companies, so everybody is working in conjunction together so it's a really good deal," says Josh Butler, General Manager of Midnight Rodeo.

"It's far better to pay the $15 or $20 dollars and if you go to certain clubs in Amarillo tonight, they'll be paying your cab ride home if you ask them, says Mike Yazbeck of Yellow Cab Company.

The DPS also says the weather is a factor tonight and if you do not need to drive, you should avoid it.

"We know the weather is still playing against us, there's still going to be some slick roads, black ice, so we're just hoping for the best and we just want to remind people to not get out and drive unless you have to, there's going to be drinking and driving going on so leave that up to us and just stay home where it's nice and warm and safe.," says Trooper Beighle.

Last year, Texas DPS Troopers made 461 DWI arrests during the holiday period.

This year's enforcement period will last through midnight on Monday.