Train Collision in Randall County Kills Three

A car smashes into train tonight killing a man and two babies. It happened in Randall County just before seven PM, Newschannel10 had several crews on the scene, and our own Tina Berasley brings us the latest.
   Very few details are available about the accident but here's what we do know. The Randall County Sheriff's Department says there was a fatal collision between a car and a train on the BNSF line and three people were killed in the accident. 
   Those victims are 20 year old Patrick Suhl, four month old Richard Jimenez and 23 month old Candace Jimenez.
    The driver of the car, 22 year old Erin Jimenez and her 4 year old daughter Angelina Jimenez were taken to Northwest Texas Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Train traffic is being held-up on that line, the texas Department of Public Safety is currently investigating the case and Newschannel10 will bring you all the latest information as it becomes available.