Fugitive File, A Year In Review

Nine criminals wanted on Amarillo's fugitive file remain at large as the year comes to an end.
   But throughout 2006, 40 fugitives were captured thanks in part to your tips given to Amarillo Crime Stoppers.

    Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg has a look back on our fugitive file as our year in review series continues.
   Out of the 40 fugitives caught, 17 of them were the result of tips provided by you.
   But information is still needed about those who remain on the run.
   Kelvin Blalock, Michelle Stroud, Samuel Mascarro, Leon Jorge and William Cash Love.
   These are all familiar faces on our fugitive file.
    They are among the ones police want to see behind bars, even though chances are they've left the panhandle.
"It doesn't matter whether they're in Amarillo, Dallas, Florida, if someone knows where they are, just call us, crime stoppers is worldwide," says Corporal Brian Thomas, with the Amarillo Police Department.   
   Gary Finney, Jack Gilvin, and Fred Elizardo Jr., are all success stories for Amarillo Crime Stoppers. Two of them were found once officers were tipped off by anonymous callers - who took home $300 as a reward.
   What is most interesting about the nine at large, four of them are wanted for sex related crimes.
   They range from indecency with a child, aggravated sexual assault of a child to failing to register as a sex offender.   
   Juan Ramirez is also wanted for evading arrest.
 "He's been outstanding since 2003 so he's been out there, so that's one we want to get picked up. Crime Stoppers works well to get fugitives off the streets and solve Amarillo crime to make Amarillo a safer place," says Cpl. Thomas.
   For a list of those who are wanted log onto our website at www.newschannel10.com.
   Call Amarillo Crime Stoppers if you have tips on any of them.