Coping with Holiday Blues

The fun times, parties, celebrations and family gatherings are a reason to celebrate the holiday's. But for many people, it is a time filled with holiday blues.

The Pavilion with the Northwest Texas Healthcare System sees people that suffer from depression, year round.

But it's this time of the year that depression tends to increase.

Pavillion CEO, Charlene Arnett says it's getting into the holidays that people over extend themselves. Balancing the demands of shopping, parties family obligations and house guests may contribute to feelings of being overwhelmed and increased tension.  "The symptoms of depression are feelings of hopelessness or helplessness, agitation, irritation, things that or activities that normally gave you great pleasure suddenly you don't enjoy doing those anymore"

You may also have trouble sleeping, sleeping excessively, over-eating or not eating at all. "Depression can be just an episode, ya know some people in their lifetime might get depressed once over some situation that occurs, but there's actual biological changes that occur in the body when you get really depressed that do go away when you receive treatment"  

The Pavilion provides in-patient and out-patient services with a full selection of therapists to refer you to and and get you some help.

Worst case scenario of depression is when you're thinking that things seem so bad you want to kill yourself...thoughts of suicide. Arnett says it's more than just feeling a little blue for a few days. "If you've felt depressed for the last two weeks or more and the feeling doesn't go away no matter what you do... You just feel no self help immediately. "

For assistance you can call 1-800-537-2585 24 hours a day.

Things you can do to cope with holiday stress and depression include the following:

  • Get lots of rest, Arnett says lack of sleep worsens your perspective on how things really are.
  • Exercise regularly, and be realistic about what you can and cannot do. 
  • Do not put all your energy into just one day like New Year's Eve..spread the holiday cheer from one event to another.

In just a few days we'll ring in the new year, and that's also a time when people go into a self-evaluation mode.

  • Don't set yourself up for disappointment and sadness by comparing today with the good old days of the past.
  • Live and enjoy the present. 
  • And most importantly make time for yourself.