Security Under Investigation After Inmate Escape

Guadalupe Rodriguez
Guadalupe Rodriguez

Curry County officials continue to investigate how an inmate escaped from jail. He is still on the run tonight and now the security of the jail is being investigated. 

Guadalupe Rodriguez was serving a one-year sentence for multiple misdemeanor charges including resisting arrest and concealing his id, and unlawful use of a motor vehicle

According to the Clovis News Journal, Rodriguez was scheduled to begin serving a four-year sentence in state prison after satisfying his local sentence.

Officials believe he's been missing since Saturday night.

A series of security lapses may have made it easier for Rodriguez to escape.

NewsChannel 10's Tina Berasley traveled to the Curry County Detention Center to get more on how Rodriquez escaped:

Officials say the inmate began his escape plan by fooling prison guards into thinking he was asleep in his cell. 

Guadalupe Rodriguez used an old trick to fool guards into thinking he was locked-up tight in his cell. They say he stuffed something in his bed to make it look like he was asleep under the covers. Warden Leslie Johnson says video surveillance showed Rodriguez went into the kitchen with other inmates on work detail and never came back out.

That video camera was not working properly Saturday night they do not know if Rodriguez escaped out a door which sometimes didn't close properly.

Both the door and the camera are now being repaired.

Rodriguez charade lasted two more days.

Jailers did not know was missing until they saw he was not on kitchen duty in the surveillance 

The mistake is being blamed on new officers performing head counts at the jail.

Rodriguez remains on the run tonight and could face up to 18 more years in prison on escape charges if he is caught.